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Custom Wiring Harness & Electronics Cable Assembly

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DC Electronics: Custom Electronic Cable Assembly Services, Connectors & Wiring Harnesses
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ISO 13485 Wire Assembly Connector Suppliers

DC Electronics works with industry leading suppliers that specialize in offer ISO 13485 certified parts, like Lemo and Fisher.  With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and over 30 years of industry experience, we will work with you develop the optimal wire assembly solution for your project. We have developed relationships with a number of connector suppliers in order to meet the specific requirements and regulations for each of the industries we serve.

Lemo Medical Connectors

Lemo Analyzers & Processing Equipment (UL61010A)
K Series (Wet), E Series (Wet), B Series (Dry), S Series (Dry)
Lemo analyzers and processing connectors provide reliable data gathering in both wet and dry applications. Glands and seals are designed to withstand demanding environments, while stainless steel is used to provide longevity and durability even when hot sterilization methods are used.

Lemo Dental Equipment
REDEL® P Series, B Series, K Series (hybrid), REDEL® XP Series
Mixed configuration insert with fluidic/pneumatic contact options. Fiber optic illumination options so there are is no heat generation in the patient’s body.

Lemo Disposable Medical Devices (Sensors & Catheters)
REDEL® P Series, B Series, S Series (plastic w/metal shielding), S Series (w/PEEK, POM, PSU or PPSU), and REDEL® XP Series
Reliable connectors made with plastics that are compliant for use in sensitive medical environments.

Lemo Electrosurgical Devices
B Series, S Series, K Series, E Series (with coax contact, fluidic, dual fiber)
Connectors designed for wire assemblies in electrosurgical environments. Mixed signal inserts and robust RFI/EMI shield performance.

Pacemakers & Hearing Devices
B Series and S Series
Small, lightweight, reliable connectors for external modules or battery packs

Glenair Military, Commercial, and Industrial Connectors

Glenair Cylindrical Connectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III and IV, Quick Disconnect Missile Launcher
Hermetically sealed cylindrical connectors approved for use in even the most demanding military applications.

Glenair "Mighty Mouse" Connectors
Series 800
Highly reliable connector used for applications that require safety-critical connectivity, reduced size and weight, and performance in harsh environments.

Deutsch Aerospace, Military, and Industrial Connectors

Deutsch Circular Connectors
Circular connector with pins mounted into an insert within the connector and a movable coupling nut that engages with the thread on the receiving connector. Ideal connector for use in demanding environments.

Deutsch Rectangular Connectors
Rectangular connectors for use in rugged wire assembly applications. Compatible with internally or externally mounted electronic modules and available in a wide range of terminal counts and insert arrangements.

Deutsch Modular Connectors
Modular connectors for use in a variety of unique wire assembly applications.

Deutsch Filter Connectors
Extensive line of filter connectors designed for interconnectivity in a number of wire assembly solutions across industries.

Deutsch Hermetically Sealed Connectors
Comprehensive line of hermetically sealed connectors that encompasses varying densities, sizes, shapes, materials, threading and contacts.

Deutsch Environmentally Sealed Connectors
High performance interconnect solutions for harsh environments that comply with industry standards.

Deutsch Fiber Optic Connectors
Fiber optic wire assembly connectors that ensure high performance in harsh environments.

Fisher ISO 13485 Medical Connectors

Lightweight connectors

  • User safety
  • High density signal
  • Sterilizable connectors
  • Intermateable to metal
  • Sealing up to IP68
  • Color coding
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • "Mix-and-Match" contacts
  • Fiber-optic
  • Coaxial
  • Fluid
  • Gas
  • High & Low voltage
  • High current

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DC Electronics provides custom electronics cables assembly services, connectors, wiring harnesses and cable interconnect assemblies for the automotive industry, medical, sustainable energy and military applications. DC Electronics headquarters are in San Jose, CA in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area and with offices in Austin, TX.