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Posted on: Tuesday May 8, 2012

What Does a Military Contractor Look for in a Cable Supplier? A Customer’s Perspective

AS9100 certification is not just a list of specs. It’s a promise that says, “We understand that lives rely on our ability to ensure quality. Failure is not an option”. For one Northrop Grumman design engineer, who works closely with custom cable suppliers, that certification is the most basic criteria a supplier has to meet in order to be considered. “I have to trust them, and AS9100 is the first thing I look for,” he says. But certification isn’t enough. What he’s looking for is a lot more than just a process in place to assure a certain level of quality.

“Say what you do, and do what you say. No surprises.” That’s the engineer’s second expectation. He wants to know that if a supplier says they are going to do something, there is no question in his mind the supplier will follow through. This kind of integrity is one of the core values of DC Electronics, who provide Northrop Grumman with custom wire harness assemblies. DC takes that emphasis on honesty and reliability a step further than just being true to their word, offering a level of transparency that many other suppliers might feel hard-pressed to provide.

“Letting customers see behind the curtain can be a scary proposition for some companies,” says DC President, Dave Cianciulli. “But honesty is probably the most important value for a company supplying the aerospace industry.” In any human endeavor, at some point, mistakes happen. Cianciulli says how you handle the bumps separates the good from the not-so-good vendors. “When issues come up, you have to immediately admit there’s a problem, then fix it and learn from it. That’s how you get better.” His customer agrees, “There can’t be any secrets. Honesty and integrity are crucial to making sure things go right.”

DC is somewhat unusual in its willingness to reveal its process. For example, DC allows customers to see the Bills of Materials it uses to prepare quotes. The company also provides open, unrestricted access to its engineers. At some companies, demands for procedure and documentation take precedence over the practical realities of problem solving. For Northrop Grumman’s design engineer, DC’s openness sets them apart. “We can just show up and meet with the engineers. It’s very painless and not a big hassle. Not all suppliers make it that simple” he says. “We try not to let bureaucracy get in the way of the process”, says DC Operations Director, Ruben Macias. “You can waste a lot of time trading emails and phone calls. If you get the engineers from both teams in same room, it’s amazing what you can accomplish”.

This brings us to the customer’s final criteria: collaborative leadership in innovation. “There are certain vendors that I rely on for very specific engineering expertise,” he says. “They should bring me solutions, new ideas. I expect them to lead in the area they know best.”

In an industry that continually craves faster, lighter and smaller parts, an organization that is constantly thinking of new solutions, bringing ideas to the table, and reacting fast to new concepts is going to be the one that keeps their customer happy.

Predictable quality, total integrity, creativity and innovation: that’s what a military contractor needs in a custom cable supplier.

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Posted on: Monday May 7, 2012

Manufacturing Engineers Ensure Top Quality and Low Cost For Medical OEM’s.

Meet Dan Braun and Quy Vu, DC Electronics' Sr. Manufacturing
Engineers. Dan and Quy have one focus: to ensure highest quality at
the lowest cost for our Medical Device OEM customers. They each bring
20 years of engineering experience in high tech, industrial
manufacturing. Having both worked in automotive, solar and semi conductor
industries, Dan and Quy understand what it takes to design and
validate manufacturing processes. They are also experts at
establishing documentation procedures to ensure optimal efficiencies,
consistent quality and ISO 13485 compliance. This Sr. Manufacturing
Engineering team is one more example of DC Electronics' commitment to
continual improvement. 

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