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Posted on: Wednesday May 4, 2011

The Tsunami’s Effect on Manufacturers Continues.

Japanese supply chain disruptions may last until the end of this year, according to Japan’s Ministry of Economics and Trade. While many manufactures are scrambling to find alternative suppliers, DC Electronics customers who rely heavily on Japanese parts suppliers are protected, thanks to the heads-up action of DC Director of Materials, Alice Cheung.

“The first thing we did after we heard the news was to run BOMs on all our customers to find out which ones were using Japanese suppliers,” Alice said. She did not rely exclusively on suppliers for information, but went directly to the factories to determine exactly what the supply situation was. She learned very quickly that order lead times were jumping from 12 to 22 weeks.

“The suppliers were saying one thing, but the factories had the real information. You just had to know where to find it,” she said.

Alice immediately contacted those customers who looked like they would be in trouble if they didn’t act fast. She helped strategize a safety stock system. In some cases, DC doubled up on its orders as insurance against short supply or delays, and they are now holding stock in reserve.

“When we need it, it’s there,” says VP of Operations, Ruben Macias, Jr. “If the situation improves and we don’t need it, we can work with customers to draw it down.” The current situation is very fluid. Alice and her team are checking the factory websites and requoting orders on a daily basis. She expects most of the factories to be up to full capacity before the end of the year.

Posted on: Wednesday November 10, 2010

When Customers Become “Close Friends.”

by Dave Cianciulli, President, DC Electronics

I was excited to find this article in Bloomberg. It perfectly describes the kind of relationships we at DC Electronics have been actively cultivating for several years now. In his piece, journalist Shruit Singh reports on Caterpillar’s cultural shift from “vendor master” to team player. He writes about Caterpillar’s effort to form extremely close and innovative working relationships with its suppliers in an attempt to cut costs and improve quality.

We know this story well. DC Electronics has embarked on the same journey with our customers. In the past two years we’ve made a serious investment to transform the way we work and think. We installed new tools that enable close collaboration and better communication. We challenged our standards and raised them. We worked to make our organization more transparent and most important, we actively worked to increase the level of trust between us and our customers. We share information and technology. We share our success and we share our failures.

Learning how to do business in a new way has not been easy, believe me. But I can honestly say that in my 22 year history with DC Electronics, business has never been so rewarding and exciting.

Check out the article:

Posted on: Tuesday October 19, 2010

Dito Brings Collaboration and Innovation to DCE

When it comes to innovation, quality control and efficiency, collaboration is the key. A lot of companies say they strive for collaboration but the real question is, how much have they actually invested in it? The internet age offers incredibly powerful new tools for supporting communication and collaboration. DC Electronics has launched an initiative to harness that power by bringing in Dito, a company that specializes in applying the resources Google offers. “Our systems here at DCE are 6 Sigma,” says VP of Operations Ruben Macias, “We have very demanding standards to meet so the training, the test data, the documentation needs are intense. Dito has taken us to the next level when it comes to tying together all our data and communication channels.”

Dito bundles together Google Apps to meet specific needs. In this case, DCE wanted to encourage more collaboration and develop Web-based learning tools. “Google Apps make it easy to share and store documents,” says Dito’s Director of Adoption Strategy, Susan Cline. “This is what enables collaboration. The key to being a learning organization is having easy access to information, so the tools we put in place for DCE move the company to a very high-level, communication infrastructure. Not to mention, it offers a high level of security.”

It’s the security piece that DCE president Dave Cianciulli appreciates. “I love the fact that our people and customers are connected, but knowing that the data is safe and sound, that is a huge load of my mind.”

Posted on: Monday September 20, 2010

DC Electronics Adds a Distribution Hub in Singapore

“In response to changing industry needs and our key clients expanding their global presence in Asia, we have partnered with Ryder Ascent Logistics PTE LTD in Singapore,” says Ruben Macias, VP of Operations at DC Electronics.

Ryder has agreed to perform logistics services for DC Electronics, which may include receiving, storage, order picking, shipping preparation, inventory location tracking, packing and transportation of DC cargo.

Quality, cost and cycle time improvement remain the focus at DC Electronics and our clients will have continued ‘just-in-time’ delivery of finished goods inventory in the Asian geographical area.

Posted on: Wednesday October 21, 2009

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We offer the following services:


DC Electronics produces a wide variety of cable assembly types, offering our customers a full product range to meet both current and anticipated cable assembly needs. This range includes:

  • Flexible & Semi-Rigid Coax
  • High Density
  • Sub Miniature Coax
  • IDC, MDR, 2mm, 1mm
  • Harness
  • Discrete
  • Circular
  • Medical Cables


Molding is done in-house on Newbury presses. Services include design and AutoCAD drawings. Tooling can be designed to incorporate customer logo and part numbers. This includes:

  • Overmold Tooling Library
  • Ferrite & other assembly types
  • End connectors
  • Silicone, Santoprene and PVC
  • Smart cables (PCBA)
  • Pantone colors
  • Y-Molds
  • Custom products
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