The Acquisition

One of our precision agriculture customers acquired a company in the Midwest whose primary product was a mechanical element for farm equipment. The acquired company also manufactured cable harnesses for their product, but as part of their integration, our customer asked us to take over all cable production so they could focus on their core competency. The acquired company was behind on production; everything needed to happen fast.

Within days DCE had a team at their facility in the Midwest. Working a swing shift to avoid any disruption to the customer, we quickly analyzed how to duplicate and improve on their cable assembly system. Within two weeks we had studied their product mix of nearly 300 products, learned the wire braiding technique they used, created drawings and documentation, provided detailed quotes, assessed their raw materials inventory and negotiated buyback of the supplies they had on hand.

Within 60 days we had taken over production, eliminated the production backlog and improved the product; and within 90 days the entire transition was completed with all cable production happening in DCE’s facility and more than 30 pallets of materials inventory received and integrated.

The acquired company was able to increase production and sales of their core product by more than 300 percent as a result of the smooth turnover of cable production to DCE.

The Acquisition

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