Custom In-House Tooling

Amphenol DC Electronics holds to the principles of continual improvement at every stage of our process. Our in-house engineering and design liaison service enable build-to-print proficiency and the opportunity for increased efficiencies with manufacturability. We also have overmolding and custom mold capabilities that give us a strong manufacturing advantage. We have applied lean manufacturing practices not just to the production floor, but to the way information and materials flow throughout our organization. Six Sigma strategies are used to detect defects immediately, and we use thorough process mapping and risk analysis to ensure product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Amphenol DC Electronics process efficiencies also include:

  • Integrated information systems to track workflow
  • Customized database software to ensure accurate documentation and error mitigation
  • Barcoding systems and advanced information software to accurately manage our inventory of over 9000 active parts
  • Engineering Value Add – DFM, PFMEA, IQ/OQ/PQ, Validation process

All of our custom cable assembly manufacturing is done in-house using leading-edge technology and the most efficient and reliable equipment. Our manufacturing facilities have attained (and continues to maintain) the quality and safety certifications and standards our customers expect from a world-class cable harness manufacturer.

custom in-house tooling

Personalized Customer Support & Order Fulfillment

With such efficient systems, we can respond thoroughly to complex prototype development and specialized engineering needs while ongoing customer support and order fulfillment remain prompt and error-free. For the most accurate and up-to-the-minute shipping and delivery information, we have synced our shipping department with the order management systems our customers use.

warehousing and order fulfillment

CNC Produced Custom Molds

Amphenol DC Electronics has a fully equipped CNC machine shop on site that allows us to produce our own custom molds. Whether you are coming to us with a specified drawing or simply a sketch on a paper napkin, we can build to print. We have the capability to translate your concept into properly designed CAD drawings and deliver a prototype within a tight time frame. Our business structure makes it possible to maintain the material inventories and labor needed to accommodate aggressive production schedules for custom wire and cable products.

cnc machined custom molds

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