Called in by Experts

A precision laser manufacturer was having frequent cable failure at different points in its assembly test operations. They thought they had a design problem and first contacted an engineering firm specializing in custom cables and connectors. The engineering firm referred them to DCE because of our manufacturing and assembly expertise.

Our VP of Sales immediately made a site visit, performed a quick evaluation, and determined that it was a workmanship issue rather than bad design. DCE’s engineers did a spot check of nearly thirty of the company’s drawings to make sure everything was compatible. They had a few suggestions but agreed that the real problem was product quality. Our production manager then visited the customer’s facility, confirmed the problem, and presented a solution; he showed them how we would do things differently by overmolding, wire braiding and ultrasonically welding the product, applying our IPC620A standards.

Although the company had not been looking for a new vendor, they decided to move their production to DC Electronics.

Called in by Experts

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