San Jose Company Invests in Turning at Risk Youth into Scholars

San Jose Company Invests in Turning at Risk Youth into Scholars

San Jose, California, June 27, 2012 – DC Electronics, a San Jose based cable and harness assembly firm, continues its initiative to support educational innovation for historically under-served, at-risk youth. This week the company presented the second major gift to Ceiba Public Schools, a Watsonville based organization dedicated to promoting quality college preparatory education for historically underserved students living in non-urban settings. The donation from DC Electronics will help prepare low-income, at-risk youth for success in college and the workplace.

“DC Electronics decided to invest in Ceiba because its innovative instructional model is proving to be a great investment toward ensuring we have a local educational system that produces a top notch, innovative workforce,” said Dave Cianciulli, DC Electronics CEO and President.

The latest DC Electronics donation will help Ceiba extend its summer school program and expand educational opportunities to more at-risk youth in the Pajaro Valley, an area plagued by poverty and gangs.

“This donation from DC Electronics will put computers into the hands of low-income students so they can access state-of-the art learning tools and reach their education and life goals,” added Cianciulli. “The dedication and hard work of Ceiba’s students is inspiring.”

“Students enter Ceiba in the sixth grade far below grade level”, said Tom Brown, Ceiba’s CEO and founder. “After seven years at Ceiba, these same students will be well-prepared for success in college and life.” Brown adds that DC Electronics’ on-going support is helping build one of the strongest educational models in California.

While most public attention and private philanthropy has focused on school improvement efforts in large urban areas like Los Angeles and Oakland, Brown and his colleagues at Ceiba believe the need for school improvement is just as great in more rural areas like the Pajaro and Salinas Valleys.

About Ceiba Public Schools

Ceiba Public Schools is dedicated to preparing historically under-served students to graduate from college and succeed in life. CEIBA (pronounced SAY-ba) is the tree of universal life in Central America and stands for the values that are instilled in the students: Creativity, Effort, Integrity, Benevolence and Assertiveness.

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